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Kalamata,Greece June 2014

On June 15th 2014 all three groups arrived from Egypt, Lebanon and Tunisia to Kalamata, Greece.
In the framework of MedDiet project WP6 “ Institutional Capacity building for safeguarding the Mediterranean Diet” aims at improving the capacity of policy making institutions of Egypt, Lebanon and Tunisia in designing policies and instruments aimed at safeguarding the MD.In that course three study visits for officials from MPC countries are planned, the first one took place in Kalamata,Greece

The activities started on June 16th 2014 till June 19th and all groups departed on Friday, June 20th 2014.

Day One was spent in Kalamata where the group visited the “Technological Education Institute(TEI) of Peloponnese” and heard presentations from the Dean, professors and the president of the commercial sector of the Messinian Chamber of Commerce. This was followed by an oil tasting activity where all participants were taught how to taste the olive oil and received certificates of attendance. Two more visits were carried on to local standardization units: -“Agrovim” (producers of olive oil and olives) and –“BioVin,Tsavolakis” (wine producers).

On day two the group headed to Mani to visit small and medium enterprises of production and standardization of agricultural products like : “Blaeuel” which produces organic olives and olive oil and a traditional olive oil mill “Skarpalezos”.

Day three was spent between Kalamata,Oichalia and Trifilia. It started with the visit of the public market of Kalamata, the group then headed to Trifilia where they had a guided tour in the greenhouse installation of Trifilia producing tomatoes  and a watermelon farm followed by a traditional “Pasteli” factory called: “KAPA-EVMELIN” and finally a traditional standardization unit of PDO FETA and SFELA cheese called”Petropoulos”.

Day four-last day- was spent at the conference center of the hotel Elite, where the group was staying and it started with a roundtable/workshop discussions about the outcome of the trip and its benefits as well as some recommendations. It was then followed by a cooking competition where all participants shared in naming the first three best cooked traditional dishes.

Anchovy eg.jpgApricot_egitto.jpgArtichoke_Egitto.jpgArugula.jpgAsparagus_Egiyyo.jpgAtlantic cod eg.jpgBanana_egitto.jpgBell pepper.jpgBroccoli_eg.jpgBrussel sprouts.jpgCabbage_Eg.jpgCantaloupe.jpgCarrots_eg.jpgCauliflower_eg.jpgCherry_egitto.jpgCrab eg.jpgCranberries_egitto.jpgCucumber_eg.jpgEggplant_eg.jpgFennels_eg.jpgFigs_egitto.jpgFreekeh_egitto.jpgGrapefruit_egitto.jpgGrapes_egitto.jpgGreen Beans_eg.jpgGuava.jpgIMG_5031.JPGKamut.jpgKashkaval cheese.JPGKidney beans eg.jpgKiwi egitto.jpgLeeks_eg.jpgLemon_egitto.jpgLettuce_eg.jpgLobsters eg.jpgLoquat.jpgMackerel eg.jpgMaize_egitto.jpgMango.jpgMillet_egitto.jpgMulberries.jpgMussels.jpgOkra_eg.jpgOnion_eg.jpgOrange_egitto.jpgOysters eg.jpgPapaya.jpgPeaches_egito.jpgPears_egitto.jpgPeas_eg.jpgPersimmon.jpgPic1.jpgPlums_egitto.jpgPomegranate_egitto.jpgPumpkin_eg.jpgQuinoa.jpgRadish_eg.jpgSardines eg.jpgScallop eg.jpgShallots_eg.jpgSpinach_eg.jpgStrawberry_egitto.jpgSwiss chard.jpgTomato_eg.jpgTuna eg.jpgTurnips_e.jpgWatercress_eg.jpgWatermelon_egitto.jpgWheat_egitto.jpgZucchini_eg.jpgapple_egitto(1).jpgapple_egitto.jpgapricot.jpgbamya.jpgbanner_enpi(1).pngbanner_enpi.pngbanner_eu(1).pngbanner_eu.pngbanner_sardinia.pngbarley_egitto.jpgbeets_egitto.jpgblack eyes pea.jpgcatfish eg.jpgcelery.jpgchickpeas_eg.jpgclams eg.jpgdakka.jpgdate fruit cup.jpgdates_egitto.jpgdukkah.jpgfarro_egitto.jpgfata.jpgfava beans eg.jpgfeter1.jpgfeter2.jpgfrutta generale.jpggarden peas eg.jpghalawa.jpgimg1.pngimg10.pngimg11.pngimg12.pngimg2.pngimg3.pngimg4.pngimg5.pngimg6.pngimg7.pngimg8.pngimg9.pngkarkadeh.jpgkesh.jpgkhoshaf.jpgkoshary.jpglentils eg.jpglentils soup.jpglima beans eg.jpglupini eg.jpgmacrona(1).jpgmacrona.jpgnuts e seeds egitto.pngpatate egitto.pngpeanuts eg.jpgpigeon_peas eg.jpgpotato salad.jpgpotatoes and meat casserole.jpgriso_egitto.jpgroz.jpgrunner beans eg.jpgsayadeya.jpgschema frutta.pngshish.jpgshrimp eg.jpgsnow pea eg.jpgsorghum.jpgsoybeans eg.jpgstuffed potatoes.jpgtagin.jpgtamiya.jpgtamr.jpgtrout eg.jpgwhite pea EG.jpg
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