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Regional Production

Peppermint and Spearmint: Egypt exports 1000 ton of both peppermint and spearmint (75%)

Fennel: Egypt production reached 8000 tons mostly for exports.USA imports 4000 tons of Egyptian Fennel per year.

Basil: Production reached 7,000 tons mostly for exports

Chamomile: Egypt exports 6,000 tons a year. Local consumption is 500 tons a year. Egypt’s yield is high when using hand picking only

Marjoram: Egypt produces 2,000 tons, all are exported

Coriander: Egypt produces roughly 8,000 tons. Around 7,000 tons of which are exported. 50% of exports are to Germany and Scandinavia / 40% to Arab countries / 10% Japan and the rest of the world

Production (tonnes/year): Can not be found

Consumption (grams/day): 

Spices: 0.6 (FAOSTAT, 2009)

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