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Regional Production:

Dairy contributes some 31% to total agricultural production in Egypt and supplies 34% of human consumption proteins. Egyptian production covers about 2/3 of total consumption, which is based mainly on cheese. Buffalo milk covers over 60% of the total production, although there are less heads of this animal than of cattle. Buffalo herds produce an average of 915 kg of milk per head and year; whereas cattle produce only 415 kg. The increase in number of both species is less rapid than the increase in human population.  (1989)
Source: http://om.ciheam.org/om/pdf/a06/CI000365.pdf
Egypt was once an egg exporting country: in 1924 it exported more than 200 million eggs. This amount decreased annually until 1950 when there was no export. Egg production in Egypt peaked at 1,053 million in 1944, but after the end of the Second World War, it began to decrease annually. After our revolution, and due to the efforts of the Land Reform Projects and the Ministry of Agriculture on  one hand and the universities on the other hand, production began to increase reaching 2,302 million in 1985.

Source: http://om.ciheam.org/om/pdf/a07/CI901599.pdf

Production (tonnes/year):
Eggs- 305,509 (FAO, 2011)
Cheese - 644,500 (FAO, 2011)
Milk (Buffalo and cow) – 564,8570  (FAO, 2011)
Butter and Ghee- 127,600 (FAO,2011)
Consumption (grams/day): 
Eggs- 1.9 (FAO,2009)
Milk – 6.0 ( FAO, 2009)
Butter and Ghee – 4.5 (FAO, 2009)

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