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Regional Production
Egypt is one of the major importing countries of lentil. Egypt is the second largest producer of faa beans producing 10 percent to total crop. All of the Egyptian production is consumed locally and Egypt
is a major importer of beans. The majority of faba beans produced in Western Australia have been exported to Egypt for human consumption. The Egyptian market prefers large beans.

Production (tonnes/year)
Total pulses: 302,644 tonnes (FAOSTAT,2011)
Lentils: 1,795 tonnes
Chickpeas: 6,316 tonnes
Dry Beans: 100,622 tonnes
Green Beans: 305,561 tonnes
Dry Peas: 608 tonnes
Green Peas: 225,689 tonnes

Consumption (grams/day):  4.2 (FAOSTAT, 2009)

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