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Regional Production
Aquaculture is currently the largest single source of fish supply in Egypt accounting for almost 65 percent of the total fish production of the country with over 99 percent produced from privately owned farms. Except for a very limited number of isolated instances, most aquaculture activities are located in the Nile Delta Region. Aquaculture is practiced using a variety of systems with varying levels of technology. So far the majority of farmed fish are either freshwater species or those that can grow in brackish water. The production of fish and crustaceans in marine or brackish water is still in its early stages and its development is still influenced by technical and economical problems. (FAO, 2010)

The majority of fish farms in Egypt can be classified as semi-intensive brackish water pond farms; this type of farming suffered a dramatic reduction in numbers during the early 1990s as a result of the competition for land and water from the expansion of land reclamation activities for agriculture. (FAO, 2010)

Production (tonnes/year): 1,337,778 (FAOSTAT – 2011)

Consumption (grams/day):  5.7 grams/day (FAOSTAT,2009)


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