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Regional Production
In Egypt potatoes were introduced on a small scale during the nineteenth century. It is nowadays the second most important vegetable crop after tomato and Egypt is one of the largest producers and exporters of potatoes in Africa.
Commercial production of potatoes in Egypt is concentrat in the Nile Delta and Middle Egypt. Egyptian potato exports fluctuate from one season to another. In year 2010 Egyptian companies managed to export 289 thousand Tonnes while in 2011 the exported quantity rose to 461 thousand Tonnes. The main export destinations in 2011 were Russia, EU countries and countries in the Gulf region.
Potatoes are cultivated continuously in Egypt from August to June. Plantings from mid-August to mid-October (main plantation) are harvested from December to mid-February. This represents about 55% of annual production and it is destined mainly for exporting. Plantings from late-October to mid-November account for 10% or less of annual production and are harvested in February. This crop is grown mainly for export. December till mid-February plantings are harvested in May/June. Most of this crop (roughly 35% of annual production) is sold on the local market or kept as seed for autumn planting.
Sweet potato: In 2011 nearly 300 000 tons of sweet potatoes were produced locally and consumed in the Egyptian market
Source: http://www.egypt.cropscience.bayer.com/en/Crops/Potato.aspx

Production (tonnes/year):
Potatoes: 4,338,430 (FAOSTAT, 2011)
Sweet potatoes: 274,935 (FAOSTAT,2011)

Consumption (grams/day): 
Potatoes:1.3 (FAOSTAT, 2009)
Sweet Potatoes: 0.1 (FAOSTAT,2009)

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