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Regional Production
In Egypt, beef and veal are predominant in the red meat industry as well as in consumption. Small farmers in Egypt produce most of the total red meat. Beef and veal production account for most of the total meat production, while poultry’s production is fewer. Sheep, goat and camel production is relatively low.
Egypt imports on average 20% of the consumed meat. Egypt is considered to be the third largest importer of Brazilian meat. Moreover, Egypt imports Sudanese meat and cattle, which comprise 12,000 head of cattle and 4,000 tons of Sudanese meat every year. Also, the country imports 15,000 head of cattle from Ethiopia and another 2,000 German cows for breeding and milk production. Frozen meat and camels are imported to Egypt from Kenya and United States imports beef liver.

Production (tones/year): 1,993,683 (FAOSTAT – 2011)

Consumption (grams/day): 16.6 grams/day (FAOSTAT,2009)

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