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Typical elaboration & preparation methods
Meat or chicken is usually marinated with salt, pepper and onions before cooking it. Lamb can be boiled and used in vegetables such as bamia or cooked in oil for a few minutes to make it a bit crunchy. Another way of cooking lamb is mincing it, adding it to a skewer and grill. As of for beef, it can be cooked as kofta as well or fried and added to red sauce to make koftet dawood pasha.  Veal can be grilled or fried making boftake. Chicken is usually boiled as a whole and the broth is used for vegetables such peas. A whole chicken can be stuffed with rice and then grilled.


  • SHISH TAWOOK- شيش طاووق
  • Bamya ( Okra) With Meat
  • Fata
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