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Regional Production
Rice production takes place only in the Lower Valley of the Nile River. Egypt is the largest rice producer in the Middle East region and it is one of the most important agricultural crop which Egypt export to different countries around the world “about 60 country” due to the Egyptian competitive prices comparing to other exporter countries like Italy, Spain, Australia and USA . In 2011 Egypt produced over 20 Mio t of polished rice.

Egypt imports more than 18.8 Mio t of wheat and produces 4.2 Mio t.

Production (tonnes/year):
Cereals 22,014,923 tonnes (FAOSTAT,2011)
Wheat 8,407,130 tonnes (FAOSTAT,2011)

Consumption (grams/day): 
Cereals – 74.4 (FAOSTAT, 2009)
Wheat- 23.3 (FAOSTAT, 2009)

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