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Nutritional characteristics
They are low in calories and fat and a good source of simple sugar, fibers, and vitamins. Fibers help our body to maintain a normal bowel movement.  Also fibers give our body the sense of fullness for a good period therefore it helps in maintaining healthy body weight. The anti-oxidant and Vitamin C that they have help our body to fight stress, cancer by boosting our immunity level. Including the fact that they remove free radicals in our body allows our body to fight aging and infection.  

Recommended intake: according to the pyramid you should have 2-3 servings per day
Serving size: one medium fruit, or ½ cup of sliced fruits or small sized fruits like grapes per meal.


Main food products



















Summer: Dates, watermelon, mango, plums, pomegranate, cantaloupe, apricot, cherry, grapes, strawberry, lime, zucchini, papaya, peach, figs,
Winter: Tangerine, orange, persimmon fruit, orange, banana 
Spring: Mulberries, guava, nectarine, banana,
Autumn: Apple, banana

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