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Nutritional characteristics
Herbs are considered as a medication supplement, as contain anti-oxidants, essential oils, vitamins and an anti-spasmodic effect, anti-inflammatory factors.  These factors will help our body to fight infection and lower inflammatory reaction like osteoarthritis and ulcerative colitis.  They were found to lower blood sugar level in diabetes.  It also lowers the cholesterol level, blood pressure, coronary diseases.  Herbs boost our immunity and fight certain cancers like prostate, pancreas, etc. Herbs where also found to delay the onset of Alzheimer. For digestion they can help in bowel.
Spices are used since ancient times as anti-inflammatory as sore throat, and bronchitis, anti-flatulent factors.  They also help lower incidence of strokes, and artery diseases as they do have anti-clotting factors. Spices help digestion by promoting digestive enzymes to be released. Spices are also used to as pain colors like menstrual pains. Finally contain potassium and magnesium, manganese and iron.
Because spices usually have strong flavors and are used in small quantities, the energy input is low even though many spices, especially those made from seeds, contain high portions of fat, protein, and carbohydrate by weight. Many spices, however, can contribute significant portions of micronutrients to the diet. For example, a teaspoon of paprika contains 20% of the recommended daily allowance for Vitamin A. Furthermore spices help giving a better taste to food to help using less salt in preparing a tasty meal.

Recommended intake: daily in every meal

Serving size: according to use but preferable 1 tsp and less salt use.

Main food products


     Basil herb



Cilantro (coriander)

    Dill weed   







  Rosemary herb





   Thyme herb

















    Anise seed

     Bay leaf 

   Black pepper





  Cayenne pepper

   Chili peppers  



  Coriander seeds

    Fennel seeds

  Fenugreek seeds

  Jalapeno peppers





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