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Nutritional characteristics
They contain high level of antioxidants that would reduce certain types of cancer, and Alzheimer disease, and other anti-aging diseases, inflammation.  They also contain the highest amount of fiber of any other food. It also contributes in preserving our body weight, due to the sense of fullness that fibers give and prolongs the time of hunger. Lowers cholesterol levels, reduces the glucose in blood and finally the risk of having diabetes. Add to that, bowel movement is preserved that would prevent constipation, followed by the prevention of cancer colon due to the high levels of vitamin B, and folic acid.  which may lead to cancers

Recommended intake: according to the pyramid 1-3 servings per week.

Serving size: 1 cup per serving, around 100 grams

Main food products: chickpeas, Kidney beans, common peas (garden peas), fava beans, lentils(black and orange),black eyes pea, white pea, snow pea, lima beans, lupins,  beans, peanuts, pigeon peas, runner beans, soybeans, fresh green beans & peas.

Seasonality: N/A

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