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Nutritional characteristics
Potatoes contain amounts of potassium to the extent that one medium potatoes would apply half the recommended amount of potassium intake. They are low in fat and high in fiber and protein. They contain a good source of vitamin B6, followed by vitamin B1, B3 and iron. Other minerals that they contain are phosphorus and magnesium. Potatoes found to contain antioxidants and falvonoids.  These nutritional fact help our body in several ways; they lower blood cholesterol, help in forming amino acids; protect us against respiratory problems, cardiovascular and certain cancers. Hemoglobin synthesis and oxygen utilization in our body with energy metabolism involved.
Sweet potatoes’ color is the indicator of good source of Vitamin A /beta- carotene that are essential for visual efficacy (200 grams contains 769 percent of the recommended daily allowance). They also contain a considerable amount of the vitamin B6 and C.

Recommended intake: according to pyramid 2-3 weekly

Serving size: medium sized

Main food products

Seasonality: sweet potato and colcasia in winter

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